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Welcome To The Saugus CFCE!

The Saugus CFCE (Coordianted Family & Community Engagement) is a grant  awarded to Shining Stars Learning Center through the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC).  This partnerships also includes Saugus Public Schools, the Saugus Public Library and private Early Learning Centers.  The focus is to connect families to local resources and support families as they are their child's first educator.  We accomplish this through parent trainings, family playgroups, family activites and help through educational transitions.




 The 5 Main goals of the Saugus CFCE program are:


  • Increasing knowledge of and accessibility to high-quality early education and care programs and services for families with children pre-natal through school-age.

  • Promoting parent education, family engagement and early literacy in the community.

  • Facilitate collaboration and community planning between local early education and care partners and other community stake holders, including parents.

  • Provide support and information to families with children transtioning between and among early education and care settings, home and school

  • Suppport early education and care programs across the public and private sectors in delivering high-quality services.


Through direct services and/or referrals Saugus CFCE programs provide a variety of services, which include:


Providing families access to:


  • Child Development information;

  • Transition informationand supports

  • Assistance with meeting basic needs;

  • Timely support in periods of family crisis

  • High quality, specific and up-to-date infomrationand referrals.

  • Family literacy and school readiness activities;

  • Family and community events;

  • Parent leadership opportunities

  • Information about early education and care opportunities and other community resources that support parents in their role as their childs first teacher.


Providing the early education and care community with:


  • Support in identifying program quality needs and accessing training and other professional development opportunities;

  • Opportunities to share best practices and coordinate resources

  • Linkages to technical assistance and local resources to assist them in meeting quality standards.



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